Program Overview

Career Competencies are "must haves" according to a broad range of employers interviewed in Capital Workforce Partners research. They are required to embark on a career in any industry. Whether you are building an educational curriculum, host advisory sessions or are working with young people in a community-based agency, these competencies should be the foundation of your educational program plans.

Partner Providers

Welcome to the Career Competencies website. This site will give you background information, instructions and the tools needed to implement the Career Competencies Curriculum. In addition, we offer resources and a Blog to discuss best practices among our partners. We also provide a section that will define the goals for the participants and help you to track the success of the program. More information for Partner Providers


Equip your students with the Career Competencies they need to be successful in the workplace and in furthering their education toward a prosperous career. Capital Workforce Partners has developed an 8-month curriculum of career competencies training with Krupp Associates and other training partners, to align with the 21st century skills businesses say they need for their future workforce to help them grow. More information for Educators

Aetna Testimonial

Nick Swistro – Aetna Talent Acquisitions “Students with career competency training are prepared…they are one step above…they’ve been able to see and experience the things employers are looking for in top candidates.” View video testimonial

ShopRite Testimonial

Kaleena Frutuoso – ShopRite of Manchester and East Hartford HR Manager – “Coming to us knowing customer service, communications and decision making skills is very important. We can then embellish those skills with the work experience.” View video testimonial

United Healthcare Testimonial

Kathleen Bishop – VP – Finance – United Healthcare – "These programs give businesses in the area an opportunity to train their future workforce.” View video testimonial