Pre and Post Tests

Instructions for Pre/Post Tests

Pre/Post Tests provide facilitator with a means to gauge prior learning/skills related to the career competencies. Facilitators can then use this as a means to drive classroom instruction related to addressing skills gaps and/or deficiencies within the group. As well as to assess any gains made in relation to comprehension of the career competencies.

  1. The participants must complete the pre-tests before they start completing the activities for each of the tiers.
  2. Please encourage the participants to answer every question on the assessment.
  3. After the completing each tier, give the participants the post-test. a. Particpants should score at least a 75% on the post-test to show that they that achieved the objectives.
  • a. Once a participant has achieved 75% then they can move onto the next tier.
  • b. The open-ended question is not counted within the 75%. The information gathered from the question should be used primarily for the instructor to see if the participants understand the larger concepts. The question is not graded.


  1. Read the directions on the top part of each of the assessment tools aloud to participants.
  2. Talk participants through the instructions listed on the first page of each assessment tool.

View a PDF of the Pre and Post Test Instructions


Ages / Grades: Ages: 14 and older; Reading level: Eighth grade

Language: English