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Dream Résumé – Step 3

Dream Résumé – Step 3

STEP 3: Setting and Achieving Goals Related to Career and Education Planning

Classroom Activity Theme: Recognizing How Internal and External Assets Influence Goal Achievement (Portfolio Exercise)

  1. Introduce the Personal Development Profile (PDP)[1] and hand out copies to class.  Using the directions for administration, have learners take the PDP.  Once everyone finishes, ask them to put their PDP somewhere where others cannot see it.
  2. Ask learners to break into groups and elect both a spokesperson and a recorder.  Hand out one or more copies of the PDP for each group to use as a reference.  Each group will be asked to:
    • Develop a definition for both internal assets and external assets
    • Determine why these assets are important to success in school and in career development
    • Prioritize the categories (e.g. constructive use of time, commitment to learning, etc) in order of which is most important to success in school and in career development
    • Save the information for a subsequent class.
  3. Ask learners to take their seats and read through their own completed PDP.  Based on their answers, have them each make a list of two internal and two external assets they personally need to work on in order to be successful in school and career and prioritize them in order of importance or urgency.

Note: Selecting internal and external assets that need addressing is important to the creation of a Personal Learning and Career Plan). Collect all PDPs and lists.  Make one-on-one appointments as needed with each learner based on the results.  Keep copies of the PDP and the list in the learners’ portfolio and/or personal file.

[1] General directions for administering the Personal Development Profile and the profile itself can be found in the CWP Career Competency System Tools section.

Classroom Activity Theme:  Recognizing How Internal and External Assets are Important to Goal Achievement

Begin by providing an overview of the results of the class in which groups developed a definition for internal assets and external assets, determined why the assets are important to success in school and in career development, and prioritized the categories in order of which are most important.  Using Workforce: Building Success, Problem Solving (Steck-Vaughn, 1997), Lessons 1 and 2 as a guide, help learners identify a problem and understand the reasons or causes of the problem.  Learners can either be asked to read through the two lessons or the instructor may choose to lead an interactive discussion based on the elements of the lessons.  Once the instructor is satisfied with the groups understanding of identifying a problem and finding causes, hand out a mock PDP that reflects issues or barriers.  Ask learners to break into groups and elect both a spokesperson and a recorder and answer the following questions:
  • What problems is this person facing?
  • What could be causing each problem?
  • Which problems need to be addressed first and why?
  • How will these problems prevent this person from being successful in school and career?
Ask the groups to report back and record the answers so everyone can see them.  Ask the class as a whole to come up with possible solutions to the problems and discuss which might be the most appropriate solutions.
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