Lesson Plan Grade 8/9 (TIER I) – Team Building

So, You Are Going to Orlando!

Vicki Gallon-Clark, Blue Hills Civic Association, Hartford, CT

Career Competencies Addressed in this Lesson Plan:
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Interpersonal and Communication
  • Personal Qualities
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Computer Literacy

Goal: To have students enhance their reading, math, and interpersonal skills, as well as other career competencies, using a very creative and fun assignment.

Duration: 3 to 6 hours

Description: Students apply and develop Career Competencies while working with a partner as they plan a trip to Orlando, Florida for their entire group.


  1. Students will strengthen and/or apply math skills by determining sums and calculating percentages.
  2. Students will develop and maintain productive group relations.
  3. Students will create, revise and edit a written presentation and increase their verbal communication skills through an oral presentation.
  4. Students will increase their ability to read and follow multi-step directions and apply decision making skills.
  5. Students will be able to successfully navigate the Internet to research activities, costs, schedules, etc.


Computers, pens, paper, and calculators.


  • You may want to experience this assignment first by looking at some of the websites and getting ideas relative to costs associated with spending a week in Orlando, Florida.
  • Distribute the Lesson Outline/Assignment sheet to each student and ask them to work in pairs.
  • Review the assignment with them, emphasizing the things the “Funder” wants to see. Also emphasize the sections, “Important to Note,” and “How you will be rated.”

Assessment: Observe students’ interaction with each other throughout the assignment. Conduct “spot checks” to determine the students’ understanding of the assignment and progress.

Useful Internet Resources: www.Disney.com, www.expedia.com, www.cirquedusoleil.com

Lesson Outline & Assignment:

Congratulations! The Slight Edge Program has just been notified that it will be awarded a generous amount of money to take 30 students to Orlando for one week. Of course, since you will be right there in the “Land of Disney,” you are going to want to go (at least once) to Disney World, Epcot Center, Universal Studios and many of the other attractions in Orlando.

The person that donated the funds to the Slight Edge program encourages your group to experience as many things as possible while in Orlando. However, she wants to see the following before issuing the check:

  1. An itinerary of what you will do each day while you are in Orlando
  2. A budget that projects the total cost of the entire trip (airfare, hotel, car rental, attractions, etc.) with a breakdown of what you will spend each day
  3. A page that shows the costs of each expenditure in percentages. For example, the airfare is what percentage of the total cost of this trip?
  4. A typed letter explaining how this trip will correlate with the Competencies you are learning in the Slight Edge Program.

Important to Note:

  • You are obtaining all of the above information for 30 individuals – in other words, you are the Event Planner for this trip.
  • You must work with a partner.
  • Although our donor is generous, you need to show through your research that you are spending her money wisely.

How you will be rated

  • 25 points for thoroughness of research
  • 25 points for completing the percentages for each cost
  • 25 points for the letter showing a clear connection to the Competencies
  • 25 points for presentation: clear, convincing argument, confident delivery
  • 25 points for showing a wise use of the money
  • 125 points for Top Score
  • Class Profile/Activities