Lesson Plan Grades 8/9/10 (TIER I & II) – Basic Skills (Math)

Can You Balance Your Cash Drawer?

Career Competencies Addressed in this Lesson Plan:
  • Math-Basic Skills
  • Reading-Basic Skills
  • Computer Literacy

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WRS Task/Competency: Demonstrate math skills on a level required for employment in a chosen career field.

Overview: Students use basic mathematics operations to perform specific workplace skills required of a bank teller (30 minutes)

Primary Lesson Objective: The lesson reinforces the following WRS standard:  Performing job-specific math operations

Additional Lesson Objective(s): The lesson may also reinforce the following WRS standard(s): Performing math operations using whole numbers, fractions, percentages

Materials Needed

Attached handouts, career information on tellers (see Resources/References)

Teaching Strategies: Small group instruction

Instructional Activity
  1. Review basic mathematics operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Have students perform simple calculations (column addition, subtraction resulting in positive or negative results, 3-digit multiplication, and division with a 2-digit divisor) without a calculator.
  2. Explain the functions of a bank teller, emphasizing the importance of accuracy in calculations.  Two Virginia-related sources of information about bank tellers are Career Prospects in Virginia at http://www3.ccps.virginia.edu/career_prospects/briefs/A-D/BankTellers.shtml and Virginia Career View at http://www.vaview.vt.edu/career/index0cc.cfm?id=563&searchLevel=912.
  3. Provide students with the scenario-specific data for this exercise that they will use to complete their “Teller Balancing Record.”  Tell the students: “You have just completed your first day as a bank teller in training at a branch office of a local bank.  Your supervising teller has provided you instruction in completing the Teller Balancing Record and expects you to complete the record for your shift.  Use the data provided to complete the “Teller Balancing Record.”
  4. Have the students complete the worksheet “Teller Balancing Record”.  Check using the attached answer key.

Sample Assessment

In addition to the sample multiple-choice test items found at the end of this section, other assessment possibilities include the following:

  • Worksheet


The following questions may be useful for a follow-up class discussion:

  • What are the consequences of not “balancing” your drawer?
  • What other types of transactions would you need to take into account?


  • The Math Worksheet Site.com: Online Math Worksheet Generator http://www.themathworksheetsite.com
  • Portaportal.com www.portaportal.com.  Portaportal is a Web-based book-marking utility that lets you store links to your favorite Web sites online.