Lesson Plan Grades 8-11 (TIER I, II & III) – Work Values and Ethics

Awareness of Time Management

Career Competencies Addressed in this Lesson Plan:
  • Personal Qualities

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WRS Task/Competency: Maintain satisfactory attendance.

Overview: Students examine their daily routines and schedules and determine the extent to which time management is a concern in their lives.  Students look at the possible causes of poor time management and the stress and problems improper time management creates.  They consider ways to improve the use of time for success in school, at work, and in their personal lives. (30 minutes)

Related Standards of Learning: English 11.8

Primary Lesson Objective: The lesson reinforces the following WRS standard:

  • Explaining the importance of satisfactory attendance to the overall operation of the business

Additional Lesson Objective(s): The lesson may also reinforce the following WRS standard(s):

  • Being on time for work and all appointments
  • Limiting tardiness, early departures, and absences to legitimate and essential occasions
  • Giving and taking direction or instruction

Materials Needed

Teaching Strategies

  • Scenarios/essential questions/research/presentations
  • Word associations
Instructional Activity
  1. Begin by conducting an informal discussion about how students use their time during the day.
  2. Have students work the “Time Management Crossword Puzzle” at http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/school/time/print_crossword.html Go over the correct puzzle responses.  (Note: A link to the puzzle answers appears at the bottom of the web page.)
  3. Use the puzzle to introduce the students to ideas and concepts related to proper time management.  Ask questions such as the following: What are some common practices and habits that indicate poor time management at school?  At home?  On the job?  What are some causes of poor time management?  What are some ways to improve time management at school?  At home?  On the job?
  4. Have students write a paragraph on the similarities and differences between time management at school and in the workplace.  Discuss the paragraphs as a class.

Sample Assessment

In addition to the sample multiple-choice test items found at the end of this section, other assessment possibilities include the following:

  • Worksheet
  • Class discussion

Differentiate: Use the “Time Management Crossword Puzzle” as a pre-test to determine how much students know concerning time management.