Tips for Hosting an Internship

Your candidate has accepted the offer for an Internship and he/she is ready to begin their assignment.  You will need to have everything ready for a “successful first day” for your new intern.  To make this day a success for you and your intern, there are several things you can do to prepare prior to arrival.

Employers’ Internship Timeline and Checklist

15 business days prior to the start date

  • Identify work space
    • Office or cubicle space
  • Identify technical office equipment that will be needed such as
    • Telephone
    • Computer
      • Laptop
      • Personal Computer

10 business days prior to the start date

  • Reserve the office/cubicle space
  • Reserve the technical office equipment they will use
    • Telephone
    • Computer
      • Laptop
      • Personal Computer

    Begin the “Activation” process for new employee

    • Employee Identification Number
    • Payroll
    • Order mainframe access
    • Network access

7 business days prior to the start date

  • Follow up with your Technical Support person to make sure that the intern has mainframe access and network privileges prior to their arrival
  • Workspace is readied (telephone, computer, office supplies)
  • A primary telephone number has been assigned to the  intern
  • Mail box is assigned
  • Provide departmental contact information to Receptionist/Switch Board Operator
  • Contact Human Resources to ensure that they are prepared and ready for the intern to attend “New Hire Orientation”

3 business days prior to the start date

  • Identify who will “Meet and Greet” the intern
  • Have the Greeter become familiar with company’s process for “Welcoming New Employees on their 1st day”
  • Send out a memo to your team introducing the Intern to your assigned department and team

Employees First Day

  • Ensure that you/your “Greeter” meet the intern upon their arrival to the work site
  • Intern is escorted to their worksite or to the designated area for New Hire Orientation
  • Have Greeter meet intern again after New Hire Orientation and escort him/her to their designated work area
  • Hiring Manager/Greeter will introduce Intern to their assigned team members
  • Hiring Manager will meet and discuss the following with the Intern:
    • Employee work hours
    • Organizations Attendance Policy
    • Organizations Dress Code Policy
    • Organizations IT Policy
    • Overview of business and organizational Goals & Objectives
    • Roles and Responsibilities
      • Team Members
    • Overview of Employees Work assignments
    • Fire evacuation procedure
    • Answer any questions the New Employee may have

5 business days after the New Hire start date

  • Meet with Intern to discuss:
    • Employee Performance Review process
    • Review their individual Performance Review outline
    • Determine if there are any questions/concerns that the Intern has that needs to be answered or rectified

10 business days after the New Hire start date

  • Meet with the intern individually to get their impression of
    • Organization
    • Work assignment
  • Ask for suggestions on how to improve
    • Welcoming an Intern
    • New Hire Orientation
    • New Hire 1st day